a moment of silence for all my failed endeavors

I’ve shown you all my craigslist successes, but first and foremost I am a failure at heart.

First of all, the people behind craigslist are kind of like the sensitive-looking daddy wearing weed socks you see on the square ordering his Americano at the local cafe. At first glance, he may be everything you could love and hope for in a man (or maybe not– who knows lol I’m gay as hell); A true college love story of the 21st century. You exchange glances, stalk him endlessly until you find his Twitter which leads to his Instagram which ultimately leads to his Snapchat where he ends up throwing you a bone and following you back. You snapchat briefly, end up getting his number, and communication with this douche eventually dwindles slowly into nothingness.

TL;DR: Most craigslist ads sound very promising but ultimately lead to nothing of substance.

Secondly, I have about the same time management skills as a month-old baby. They have no time management skills because they’re babies. Here is a list of the things month-old babies are capable of. As you can see, it’s not much.

This balancing act of school, sleep, practice, a social life, and a relationship is some crazy stuff, and at some point in time I’ve gotta figure out how to stop using the sink as a laundry hamper.

You see my featured image? Do you see the shape of a zero made from the glass bottom of the beautiful mug I acquired from this beautiful and terrible website? Yeah, that represents the fact that the amount of emails and texts I’ve sent out have led to almost nothing.

Featured image by Alex Easley. 


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